DJ Wilbe is a military baby, who was born in Goldsboro, North Carolina. He was raised all over this country, but will tell anybody he was raised in Atlanta! DJ Wilbe has had a love for all types of music since birth. He has had family members sing with Harry Belafonte and many more well renowned artists. His mother is a music director/teacher and was exposed to all genres growing up in the military. Even to this day he continues to enjoy all music that gives him a good feeling. DJ Wilbe has said many times, “For me trying to be a better DJ is a beautiful struggle. The struggle for me is preparing for an event, being nervous, trying to make sure nothing goes wrong (at least try, LOL) and making sure that the majority of the party is enjoying themselves. The beautiful part is seeing the work come to life, people giving me their energy on that dancefloor or in their seats, and having the feeling that I KILLED that mix!!!!”


Many people don’t know that DJ Wilbe is a full time teacher in Atlanta Public Schools! He has been teaching since 2006 and loves it. He has a deep passion for teaching. Some have asked, how one could DJ and be a teacher? Where is the time for all of that? Well, his answer is, “I don’t have the time throughout the week to do it all.” That is why he loves the connectedness of his team, BLENDEDVIBE DJs!! DJ SED, DJ D LASHAE, and DJ WILBE make up this wonderful trio! They all accommodate each other in scheduling and performing when another DJ is needed to vibe with the other.


In 2005, at Agnes Scoot College, Blended Vibe DJs was founded by DJ Wilbe and his buddy DJ Sed. Since 2005, the team has grown musically and in number. In 2007, DJ Wilbe was given the opportunity to deejay for Family Night at Skatetowne Skating Rink in College Park, GA. This function has opened many other doors for him since then. He has had the chance to perform at weddings, meetings, parties (ranging from pool parties to block parties). Believe it or not, he has played music for school events as well! He hopes that Blended Vibe DJs continues to branch out and create long-lasting memories from every event!